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Feline & Canine Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment in Long Beach, CA

At Bixby Animal Clinic, we are equipped with the latest technology to provide treatment plans that help your pet live a healthy life after a cancer diagnosis. Through extensive training and experience, our Long Beach veterinarians and staff are prepared to offer complete care to support your pet's wellness.

If you are seeking a committed and compassionate veterinary practice for cancer treatment, contact us today.

Symptoms of Cancer

With modern veterinary care, cancer is easily diagnosed, and early treatment can be applied to extend your pet’s quality of life. Feline cancer is less common than canine cancer, but the risk of either can be minimized through early vaccination and spaying or neutering.

Symptoms that indicate cancer in pets include:

  • Difficulty making bowel movements or urinating
  • Lethargic
  • Sudden and unexplained collapse
  • Trouble breathing
  • Unexplained weight loss

How is a Diagnosis Made?

We begin with basic X-rays, blood tests, and chemistry functions, as they can indicate any current health problems. High white blood cell count, low red blood cell count, and changes in kidney and liver function are examined as well. Based on results from these tests, we continue to examine any areas of concern and may conduct a CT scan or MRI.

Another common method of determining cancer is a biopsy, where sample tissue is removed from the affected area and is tested for cancerous cells. Types of biopsies include aspiration of bone marrow, lymph nodes and fine needle aspiration (FNA). Ata Abrishami, DVM and their staff discuss the best method of biopsy with clients before performing the procedure.

Pet Cancer Treatment in Long Beach

Bixby Animal Clinic personalizes care depending on the stage and type of cancer. The spread and size of malignant tumors, also known as carcinomas, sarcomas, and lymphomas are evaluated so targeted treatment sites can be determined.

Common treatments include:

  • Electrocautery/cryosurgery - Electric burning or freezing to remove surface tumors
  • Chemotherapy – Administered through injection or IV drip to reduce cancer cells
  • Immunotherapy - Injected antibodies are provided, which work with your pet’s immune system to remove malignant cancer cells.
  • Radiation - Localized energy waves are applied to penetrate cancer cells, target their DNA, and prevent them from multiplying.
  • Surgery – Manual removal of the cancerous material before malignant cells spread and metastasize.

    In some cases, your pet may need to be referred to an oncologist. During your initial consultation, we determine the best treatment offered in-house prior to referring to a specialist

Ask Us about Veterinary Care for Cancer

At Bixby Animal Clinic, Ata Abrishami, DVM and staff strive to provide the best for all of our patients. To learn more about options for pet cancer treatment, contact our Long Beach clinic today to schedule a consultation.