Preventing & Treating Canine or Feline Obesity

Recognize the Signs

Obesity impacts 24-40% of all pets. From affecting major organ function to overall attitude, obesity changes your pet’s quality of life. At Bixby Animal Clinic, we provide treatments to combat the onset and the development of obesity and related health side effects.
As pet owners, we want our extended family members to live long and healthy lives. We encourage all of our clients to stay on top of their pets’ health! Schedule a visit with us today to learn more about helping your pet regain a healthy weight. 

What Causes Pet Obesity? What are the Side-Effects?

Obesity takes an immense toll on a pet’s body. Overweight animals are likely to experience a variety of problems such as:

  • Skin problems
  • Increase Risk of Congestive Heart Failure
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

Obesity is caused by a number of reasons such as age, breed, free feeding, and overall sedentary lifestyle. Your pet’s overall weight can prohibit them from beneficial exercise. Without healthy and routine movement, complications related to their legs and spine can develop, as well as onset of fatigue and increased blood pressure. 

The type of food provided to your pet is a major player in weight gain, especially if they are restricted to dry food only, which is typically high in carbohydrates. Lack of healthy food coupled with limited exercise creates obesity. Obesity can also decrease lung, kidney, and liver function. 

Our veterinarians and staff are committed to treating obesity in animals so they can live healthy lives. 

Keeping Your Pet at a Healthy Weight

At Bixby Animal Clinic, we complete an overall assessment of your pet’s health to determine the severity of their obesity and any underlying health concerns. We recommend helping your pet lose weight by avoiding free-feeding them. Give them a limited amount of food per day, typically two to four times a day, to prevent can stop them from overeating and improve portion control. 

To further combat obesity, our vets suggest increasing physical activity. Adding just 30 minutes of exercise per day will help keep your pet’s weight manageable. Our veterinary staff can recommend a specialized diet and exercise plan as well, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients to build a healthy body.

Schedule a Pet Wellness Visit Today!

Bixby Animal Clinic is dedicated to the continued health and happiness of your pets! For more information on how to combat obesity, contact our practice today.