Before Your Visit

Bixby Animal Clinic collects an advance payment from prospective new clients before scheduling their appointment.

The deposit taken is our standard fee for a physical examination-and will be credited to the prospective new client’s account and applies to the first invoice.


To ensure that that your appointment runs smoothly, we ask that you gather any medical, vaccine, or adoption records you may have for your pet.

We ask that for the safety of staff, clients, and other pets, all cats must be in a carries and all dogs must remain on a leash or a carrier

For your convenience, you can download and complete the Bixby Animal Clinic New Client Registration Form below and bring it to your first visit with us.

During Your Visit

A pet’s first veterinarian visit is an important step in ensuring your pet is healthy. Here at Bixby Animal Clinic, we prioritize educating pet owners so they can be active participants in their pet’s health care plan. Active participation in your pet’s health plan leads to a jump start on preventative care, preventing future illnesses


During the visit a veterinarian will do a head-to-tail exam to check your pets overall health. This exam includes but not limited to physically checking the eyes, ears, teeth, gums, skin, and the coat to ensure there isn’t any fleas and ticks.

If you have any further concerns or questions this would be the perfect time to go ahead and ask your veterinarian to further discuss any issues. 

We Look Forward to Seeing You and Your Furry Friend

For More Information or Any Questions Please Contact Us At:

 562-426-4066 or